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Diagnosing & Improving the Quality of Your Water

Are you worried about the quality of your water at home? Niagara Pure Water Treatment has the necessary training and equipment to test its quality. Because water is so important to living a sustainable, healthy life, you cannot take any risks when it comes to your water being contaminated. Water quality testing is essential to determine the types of contaminants present in your water, such as E-coli or arsenic. As a trusted plumbing company and an authorized Evolve dealer, our Los Angeles water treatment specialists can help you choose the best possible solutions to handle your water concerns.

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Importance of Testing Your Water

When you look at your water or drink it, you will not always know automatically that it is contaminated. However, if you are noticing some differences in the way your water tastes or even the way your clothes feel after being washed, it may indicate a problem. You should have your water tested regularly—at least every three to five years if it is municipal water and annually if it's well water—to ensure you are getting the purest possible water supply. If you have lost confidence in your water supply's health for any reason, it's a good time to call for help.

A few times when you may need to test your water include:

  • You have knowledge of a bacteria infiltration
  • Your household plumbing lines have tested positive for lead
  • Your septic system malfunctioned recently
  • The water has started to taste/look funny
  • The water has a bad odor to it
  • There was a breach in the water supply
  • Your plumbing pipes are corroded
  • The water is discolored

Types of Contaminants That Might Be in Your Water

Water can be impacted by a number of different impurities. At Niagara Pure Water Treatment, our Los Angeles water treatment experts and plumbers can help identify the exact contaminants in your drinking water.

A few common water quality issues we deal with include:

  • Metallic taste
  • Brown/red water
  • Foul odors
  • Earthy/musty taste
  • Chlorine taste

Once we have identified the exact minerals or contaminants affecting your water supply and creating the water quality issue, we can recommend a solution. This may include water softening, filtration, or purification. All of the products we use come from Evolve, a reputable industry leader.

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